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Erin Shipley, Wildlife Photographer
by Carole McGill Plant

An anthropologist of imagery, wildlife photographer Erin Shipley sifts through the spectacular natural environment surrounding the shores of Lake Simcoe and beyond, capturing and revealing to her audience rare glimpses into Mother Nature’s private moments.

On display in several galleries throughout the GTA, and the highlight of many personal collections, Erin’s pieces are crisp and fresh, depicting with innocence and honesty the intricate perfections of the unchained wild — from the grandfatherly stance of the Great Blue Heron to the chubby-cheeked playfulness of the Wood Duck.

From the time Erin relocated to gorgeous Georgina, she was enchanted with the seemingly endless abundance of wildlife indigenous to the area and began photographing these living treasures for personal entertainment, and soon the entertainment of family and friends.

It wasn’t long before her audience grew and her photographic exposés began to have an audience all their own.
“My real passion is birds. These hidden gems surround us and yet, because they are ever-fleeting, we seldom can enjoy how magnificent they are as masters of their own little world,” Erin said. “Photography seems to magically magnify their individuality, affording us endless opportunity to enjoy.”

Travel in Canada, the U.S.A., South America, and Europe, has further enabled Erin to hone her craft, providing her with valuable eye-witness experiences while rewarding her by spotlighting an intoxicating spectrum of wildlife species worthy of tribute. Keeping her craft a true testament to her subjects, Erin is strong in her belief that there is no room for photographs of captive creatures in the world of wildlife photography. Like her inspirations, her work is never digitally altered, and exemplifies pure enjoyment while revering non-distilled authenticity.
Visit her website at www.erinshipley.com to see samples of her work and find out more about how to obtain one of her pieces.

Writer Carole McGill Plant can be reached by e-mail at c.mcgillplant@sympatico.ca c.mcgillplant@sympatico.ca

With the gift of observation and
her easy way of mingling, Erin
does get requests to photograph
other subjects and events.

Phone: 519-305-0200
Now based in Stratford,
travelling throughout Ontario.

e-mail: erin@erinshipley.com

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