Swan Heart
Original image
This photo was taken on Lake Ontario in very cold winter weather. It was approaching springtime and this was mating season for these gorgeous Mute Swans. One cannot help but attribute human feelings to these creatures as they seem to look so adoringly into each other's eyes. I observed that their long slender necks came together in the shape of this heart both before and after mating. It truly was a sight to behold and although a friend in the car was urging me to return to the warmth of the car, I was literally spellbound by the sight before me and had to photograph it for others to perhaps be as enthralled as I was.
The white swans are called Mute Swans however they are far from silent. The female swan is called a PEN. The male swan is called a COB. The baby swans are CYGNETS. A cob will be slightly larger than a pen, and his bill will be a brighter orange and the knob at the base of the bill will be larger. A group of swans is called a HERD. Swans can live to an age of 40 and can weigh up to 30 pounds.