Great Blue Heron

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These large birds are plentiful around Lake Simcoe, however PEI is actually known as the Great Blue heron capital of North America. They are absolutely majestic, certainly one of the most beautiful of sights when travelling anywhere. The Great Blue Heron seems to me to be a throw back to times when great birds flew our skys. I actually donned hipwaders to go through a swamp into a Heron rookery and what an adventure that was! They roost very high in treetops in nests of sticks, to nurture their young.
An honour to find, one has to be very careful not to disturb them. They have a wingspan of up to 6 feet and stand 4 feet tall. Stunning to watch, they each seem to show many facets of their personality when raising their young. Great fishermen, with patience unparalled, they spear their catch, unlike picking them up like sushi as I had initially believed.