Swan on Diamonds
Original image

This unique moment captures the morning light shimmering on crushed ice. This exquisite photograph is of a majestic Trumpeter Swan, the female of a pair that came to rest by Erin's home on Lake Simcoe.

"I actually could not believe that I literally called them out of the grey morning skies. They were a pair of Trumpeter Swans heading further north in the opposite direction. A sudden impulse made me run into the house for the half loaf of bread I had, then out near the water again, I called to them 'Bella, Bella... beautiful, beautiful... and lo to my utter amazement they
turned around completely in mid air and flew towards me! What a sight. I was thrilled to see that they were seeking to land on the frozen lake and finally they spotted a break in the ice of the canal adjoining the lake. They landed there and allowed me to feed them, then the female hoisted herself up on the wind whipped frozen crystals of ice for a nap while the male stayed close beside her in the water. They were wonderful to be near; at 4 1/2 feet tall they were almost my height. To think that they had come to me this way, I could not believe the events of the morning. This event will be with me for a long time to come. Notice by her webbed toe how the crystal shimmers in the morning light, like a diamond ring. Thus I have named this photograph: 'SWAN ON DIAMONDS".

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