Erin has pursued wildlife photography for her own and her family's enjoyment. Now Erin has decided to share with others the beauty of our magnificent Canadian wildlife, found in our own backyards and often ignored. Her eye for capturing the simple charms of nature brings a refreshing vision of these creatures to our eyes and souls.

Erin's passion is birds. Real hidden gems, birds are always around us but we seldom have the opportunity to see them in their natural state as they move so quickly. On location photography captures the personality and wonder of it all.

Specializing in intimate portraits of local wildlife in their natural habitat Erin believes that there is no place in wildlife photography for animals in captivity. Travels in North America, South America and Europe have added to her insight and Erin is dedicated to portraying the natural behaviour of each species. She also insists on having no digital alterations to substantially alter her photos. Every image reflects nature as she finds it.

Erin's photos at work and with friends are
assembled for viewing in her

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With the gift of observation and
her easy way of mingling, Erin
does get requests to photograph
other subjects and events.

Phone: 519-305-0200
Based in Stratford,
travelling throughout the world.


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